Five Favorites

My fabulous five favorites to share with you this week are things that matter to me and ways that i like to keep myself in check and feeling good on the inside..Precious moments are most important or the little things that mean alot. Like a smile from a stranger, or the car that lets you…

How to wear a summer trend

I was wondering how to wear the over-sized pant trend, until i found the perfect breezy, summer pair at Witchery.

Top 5 Skin Tips

I am a huge fan of organic beauty, and over the years of modelling i have gained a little wisdom in the skin care department.  I believe alot can be done from the inside out. MY TOP 5 TIPS 1. Have a really good daily routine- cleanse (i love milk cleansers) as it doesn’t over…

Organic Green Smoothie Recipe

The color green symbolizes life, nature, fertility and well-being-  and this organic recipe will have u loving the color even more.